World Time Attack Challenge: Tectaloy Intl. Drift Challenge Practice day

Heres a small photo coverage of the WTAC ’12 Tectaloy Intl. Drift Challenge. Having been the first time I’ve gone to the WTAC, the drifting format was pretty different. Good thing was it was a non-stop flow of drifting all night.

I was fortunate enough to be there for the Thursday practice day and drivers were not saving any tyres at all.

Curt Whittaker had a consistent thick smoke all practice session and main event.

Cant forget the world known Mad Mike Whiddett

Cole Armstrong in an unfamiliar R33. Sadly the V R34 was not in WTAC this year.

Best looking lock of the day.

Good scene to see the Jap, Naoto Suenaga drift. Unfortunately they didnt have much practice but was good to see them out in unfamiliar territory…. and yet they still won!

For practice round a few of the drivers decided to have some fun chasing.

Gaz whiter having a bit of chase fun with Nobushige Komakubo.

Most intimidating was Fanga Dan in his LS powered Holden.

Check back for the WTAC Time Attack coverage and the main Drifting.
More photos at CB Images


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